Interim management & Consultancy

What can I offer you ?

The interim- and consultancy services I offer can be divided into the following main categories:

  • Coverage for gaps at senior level: for example when you need to fill a short term gap in your organization or project. You need someone who quickly understands what needs to be done and how to deal with the situation you're in, so that you can concentrate on finding the right, long term, solutions.
  • Change or turnaround management: when you need to change / improve your organization or its performance it often helps to have someone that doesn't have "a history" in your company to streamline the process. Experience, a new point of view, new ideas and a breath of fresh air in the way people are used to doing their business will speed up your initiatives. The eyes of a stranger can help you in evolution and revolution.
  • Add a specific piece of expertise to your organization: for example to set up or improve production control, quality and process improvement, cost saving and lean concepts, or to find a new, more effective approach to existing challenges.
  • Project management: when you need a senior level manager for a specific project or other time limited task.

Interim management always needs to be, more or less, tailor made.
It needs to fit you, your people, your company, your culture and your ambitions. Different challenges require different approaches.

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